Getting married in Victoria. One of our celebrants at the Victorian relationship Registry

Getting married in Victoria. One of our celebrants at the Victorian relationship Registry

For joined in Victoria, you have to:

  • Meet qualifications requisite
  • Hotel a the time to find out Intended wedding (NOIM)
  • Staying partnered by a licensed civil wedding celebrant or an authorised minister of faith
  • Have got 2 witnesses enroll in wedding ceremony ritual.

If you’d like to see partnered from the Victorian Nuptials Registry:

Very same intercourse marriage

Around australia, the law let relationship between both opposite-sex and same-sex twosomes.


You can get married in Victoria should you be:

  • Outdated 18 a long time or some older, or
  • Between 16 and 18 years, marrying a person that’s at least 18 yrs . old.

If you’re 16 or 17 years of age, when you get married you ought to get:

  • a writ from a judge or magistrate enabling wedding ceremony, and
  • Penned agreement from your own mom and dad.
  • Getting previously married to someone else
  • Marry a detailed general (adult, grandparent, kid, grandchild, friend or uncle).

Hotel A The Time To Find Out Intended Union

You ought to lodge a the time to find out designated wedding (NOIM) one or more thirty day period before your wedding day time.

Celebrants and ministers

Relationships in Victoria must done by an authorised celebrant, for example:

  • One of the celebrants with the Victorian Marriage Registry
  • Territory officers at some regional process of law (get hold of your neighborhood trial for data)
  • Commonwealth-registered wedding celebrants (find out Australian national Attorney-General’s division internet site (External website link) for a subscriber base)
  • Ministers of faith of recognized denominations.


Wedding ceremony work 1961 plus the Matrimony Regulations regulate union around australia. They point out the prerequisites that a wedding wedding must meet.

The style and period of the service is perfectly up to your. You’ll you should also consider:

  • A ceremony that features about the legitimate obligations
  • An extended ceremony.

Your own celebrant or minister will confirm the text which ritual must include.

There’s no ready fee for a marriage ceremony in Victoria. Check expenses along with your celebrant or minister before booking marriage ceremony.

Witnesses your event

Essential two witnesses your wedding, into:

  • Witness the wedding
  • Mark the marriage vouchers.

Witnesses tends to be any relative or friend that at minimum 18 years old.

Proof of union

On day, you’ll get a commemorative nuptials document. It’s not similar to a legitimate matrimony certificate and usually can not be used for certified reasons as proof your nuptials.

When your relationship are authorized (your celebrant or minister can do this), possible find a legitimate nuptials certificate.

Altering your term

Normally, you don’t have to apply for an alteration of name to take on your partner’s families label. Read Changing your name after relationship, split or divorce proceeding.

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